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Restorative Wellness Solutions is a two-year comprehensive functional nutrition certification program for qualified health professionals. Achieve outstanding results with even your most complicated clients.

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We believe clinical mastery is possible for you. We know that confident, skilled practitioners transform the way health is delivered.

Restorative Wellness Solutions guides you on a learning journey to real, lasting results for you and your clients.

At Restorative Wellness Solutions we’ve identified three skills that are key to guiding the most complex client cases to success.

  1. The ability to understand, honor and work with the body’s natural healing properties
  2. The ability to leverage and interpret a range of lab tests to identify what’s blocking the healing process
  3. The ability to build highly customized, powerful protocols that facilitate true healing.
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Our Curriculum

Begin with Mastering the Art and Science of Gastrointestinal Healing and earn the Restorative Wellness Practitioner certification.

The RWS curriculum and training includes the most up-to-date and effective lab testing, critical test result interpretation, and experienced guidance for creating the most effective customized healing protocols.

After successfully completing Mastering the Art and Science of Gastrointestinal Healing, additional courses are unlocked to achieve the Master Restorative Wellness Practitioner certification. Learn more about our entire curriculum here.

Program Details

About Us

Restorative Wellness Solutions was founded by Anne Fischer Silva, Master RWP FNTP, and is now being led by Margaret Floyd Barry, Master RWP FNTP CGP.

The pair took different paths to nutritional therapy work, but their commitment to honoring the body’s healing priorities united their vision for Restorative Wellness Solutions. In addition to guiding practitioners through the program, Anne and Margaret have created a vibrant continuous learning community.
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What Our Graduates Say

"I have a stronger conviction and purpose in my clinic now – as if my wisdom has grown not just in the area of knowledge, but in inner strength as a practitioner too."

Cush Reid, ND, NTP, RWP New Zealand

“What a gift this class is. I can’t imagine moving forward in my practice without this info. It would be like practicing blind.”

Andrea Walker, NTP, CGP, RWP

“Before taking your class, I was thinking I’d need to go either to medical school to study functional medicine or chiropractic college to have the impact I want to make. After taking this course, I see that I have everything I need right here with RWS"

Jordan Hoefing, CNMT, NTP, RWP

"The course has been outstanding! Far beyond my expectations!"

Elizabeth Farrell-Carpenter, NTP, RWP

"Having gone through several nutrition trainings I have to say this one brought all the pieces together into something very powerful that I will apply with confidence! What a great class. Thank you!"

Mariette Leufkens, NTP, RWP

"I have a stronger conviction and purpose in my clinic now – as if my wisdom has grown not just in the area of knowledge, but in inner strength as a practitioner too."

Cush Reid, ND, NTP, RWP New Zealand

The coursework equips students with scientific knowledge, first-hand experience with laboratory testing, and ready-to-use client resources. Restorative Wellness has transformed my practice and given me the confidence to approach difficult cases.

Dr. Rachel Yan, DC, CKPT, NTP

This program totally surpassed my expectations. I hope you know how much I enjoyed it and the confidence it has given me. Seriously, thank you for everything you’ve given me in this short period of time. You’ve changed my life more than you’ll ever know!

Meg Doll, RHN, BScFN Canada, RWP

Restorative Wellness Solutions is absolutely amazing! It has given me the confidence to start helping people in a more comprehensive way. I now feel empowered with appropriate assessment tools and newfound knowledge.

Rebecca Simmons, NTP

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