Level 4

The Art and Science of Clinical Mastery

32 Continuing Education hours


  • Anne Fischer Silva, Master RWP FNTP
  • Margaret Floyd Barry, Master RWP FNTP CGP
  • Ellen Lovelace, MPH FNTP Master RWP

Next Class: March 1, 2022

  • Introduction
    • Welcome and introduction to Clinical Mastery
    • Learn how to get the most from this course
    • Discover the RWS preferred labs and establish accounts for assessing genomics, biotoxins, autoimmune conditions, and the brain
    • Determine your personal testing needs
  • Genomics in Clinical Nutrition - Anatomy and Physiology
    • A detailed understanding of how genetics work in human physiology
    • Learn the key concepts of genetic expression and what factors control this expression
    • Understand the powerful role epigenetics plays in determining genetic expression and health outcomes
  • Genomics in Clinical Nutrition - Testing and Case Studies
    • Considerations for when to utilize genetic testing
    • Discover various types of genetic testing and which is most valuable in a clinical nutrition practice
    • Learn how to interpret and apply genetic data
    • Understand how to use genetic testing in conjunction with other functional tests to optimize diet, supplement, and lifestyle protocols
    • Case studies 
  • Biotoxin Illness and Deep Detoxification
    • Learn the sourcing of biotoxins, including mold and mycotoxins, heavy metals, and chemicals. 
    • Discover how to uncover the sources of biotoxins
    • Understand how biotoxins sequester in the body and cause health issues
    • Learn the phases of liver detoxification and kidney excretion and how bio toxins are processed and eliminated 
    • Mitochondrial structure and function
    • Learn the common co-illnesses and pathologies that commonly accompany biotoxins
  • Biotoxin Illness and Deep Detoxification - Testing and Case Studies
    • Learn the tests that can help identify biotoxins and when to order them
    • Thorough interpretation of mold and mycotoxins testing, heavy metals testing, and chemical testing
    • The RWS 6-step process
    • How to support a client when they discover mold and mycotoxins in their home
    • Learn to create high-customized healing protocols when biotoxins are an issue
    • Case Studies
  • The Autoimmune Phenomenon - Anatomy and Physiology
    • Define and understand autoimmunity and the mechanisms that drive the process
    • Learn how immune system dysregulation can lead to an autoimmune process
    • Understand the different between the medical and the functional approach to addressing autoimmune disease, and how the two can work together
  • The Autoimmune Phenomenon - Testing, Healing Solutions and Case Studies
    • Explore the RWS approach to autoimmune disease
    • Understand the tests that can help guide your process in supporting autoimmune clients
    • Learn how to order and interpret tests
    • Learn how to build powerful,  comprehensive healing protocols to help clients get into remission and stay there as long as possible
    • Case studies
  • Neurology - Anatomy & Physiology
    • Understand the vast and complex anatomy and function of the brain
    • Learn the role of neurotransmitters
    • Discover the myriad of factors that can cause the brain to dysregulate
    • Learn what happens to the brain with neurological disorders, including headaches, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, depression and anxiety, traumatic brain injury, and more.
  • Neurology - Testing, Healing Solutions and Case Studies
    • Learn testing methods that can identify brain imbalances and track progress
    • Understand how to order and interpret brain testing
    • Discover powerful protocols to support brain plasticity, arrest degeneration, and support function
    • Case studies of neurologically-challenged clients
  • Putting it All Together
    • Three powerful and complex case studies utilizing multiple tests covered in the course


Discover the top three reasons most protocols fail.