Finding Success with Sales Calls

Margaret Floyd Barry

August 29, 2022

Alumni Spotlight with Deidre Bloomquist, FNTP, RWP, & Current Restorative Wellness Solutions Instructor

Like most practitioners, Deidre Bloomquist always had a passion for health and wellness. In fact, she dreamed about having a career in fitness or nutrition for years. But, the same limiting belief kept her stuck in her traditional 9 to 5 – one we’re sure you can relate to:

“There is no way to make a good living working in health and fitness.”

Fast forward to today and Deidre, an RWS graduate and current RWS Level 1 instructor, has built a successful private practice that boasts a team of 5 RWS-certified practitioners and serves over 100 clients (and counting). Talk about rewriting limiting beliefs…

We recently caught up with Deidre to learn more about her journey, including her secret to success (spoiler alert: the magic is in the sales call). Read on for more of Deidre’s story as well as tangible tips you can use right now to grow your practice.


Deidre’s own experience with a health scare is what propelled her to take the leap and start her career in wellness. She had started working for an oil and gas company right out of college, quickly working her way up the ranks from administrative assistant to financial analyst. She was making great money and was building a solid career path. But, she didn’t love it. At all. 

When Deidre experienced some abnormal test results that required further follow-up, it made her take stock of her life – work, relationships, how she spent her time – and she realized she needed to make a change. “I didn’t want to spend another day doing a job that I hated. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it work, but I knew I needed to take action” said Deidre.

Deidre was already a certified yoga instructor and Crossfit instructor and decided to finally go all-in on a career in the wellness field. Upon leaving her office job, Deidre pursued additional training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Precision Nutrition, learning how to properly fuel the body for peak performance. This led her to build a business consulting with and advising gyms and fitness facilities on how to build effective nutrition programs for their clientele. 

Eventually, Deidre went on to complete NTA’s Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program, which led her to begin focusing solely on 1:1 nutrition work. Soon after, she found Restorative Wellness Solutions which is also when her business began to take off. “My approach changed a lot after I completed the NTA program. But, it changed even more after I found RWS,” says Deidre. “I love testing, but what really changed things for me was gaining confidence in how to work with supplements in a way that was safe and effective. Prior to RWS, I was the type of practitioner who would only use 1-2 supplements at a time because I didn’t know what to use, how much to use, or when. Now, I’m able to put together personalized, comprehensive protocols which means my clients get better results, faster,” she adds. 


A pivotal moment in Deidre’s practice, Always Growing, came when she found out she was expecting her first child. “I realized I didn’t have a maternity leave, so I started thinking about what it could look like to have space to maintain my business while taking time to be with my baby,” said Deidre. That led her to make her first hire, which has fueled the growth of her business ever since – “Sales and marketing is actually my strong suit. Being able to bring more practitioners on has helped me step back from client work and focus more on the vision for the business, which has been key to success.”

Today, Deidre leads a team of 5 practitioners, all of whom are certified by Restorative Wellness Solutions. In fact, two of her fellow practitioners are also RWS instructors. “This was intentional. RWS teachings are head and shoulders above other programs in terms of how to think about things and how to approach the healing process. I wanted there to be consistency in the way our team approached healing and to make sure our clients would receive the same great experience no matter which practitioner they worked with,” said Deidre. 

Always Growing specializes in supporting women with digestive and hormonal health issues with an emphasis on individuals seeking fertility or pregnancy and postpartum support. The team also boasts a practitioner who works exclusively with children. “We want to be able to serve women throughout all phases of their life. That includes helping support their children, too,” said Deidre.


When asked what business activity has moved the needle the most for Always Growing, Deidre emphatically responded with “Sales calls!” In fact, 90% of Deidre’s 15-minute sales calls end with the prospect signing on for a 6-month package. Yes, you heard that right – 90%!

Thankfully, Deidre was kind enough to spill all her sales calls secrets. While most of Always Growing’s leads come from Instagram, these steps will add value and help convert more calls into clients regardless of how your prospects find you.

Step 1: Have your prospects fill out a detailed inquiry form

Gathering detailed information from your prospect prior to the sales call is important for two reasons. First, it tends to weed out anyone who isn’t really interested in doing the work and, second, it gives you critical information you need to come to the sales call prepared to have a meaningful conversation. Having details on what your prospect is struggling with as well as what they’ve already tried allows you to be more specific and personalized in your initial call, including specific recommendations for where your work together could start.  

Information Deidre recommends collecting on this initial inquiry form includes:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. What health issues they are currently experiencing (For Always Growing, prospects can choose from a drop down menu that includes things like gut health, hormonal health, fertility, pregnancy/postpartum, and thyroid)
  4. What resolution they are seeking (For Always Growing, they allow a text entry field where individuals share anywhere from a few sentences to a few paragraphs)
  5. What testing, protocols, supplements, medication, or therapies the individual has already tried
  6. Whether or not they’ve done any functional testing before

Step 2: Let them know about the cost upfront

Before jumping on a call with a prospect, give them basic information about the work you might do together including potential costs. Deidre has a basic template that she uses to respond to each inquiry, personalizing it based on the individual’s health history and needs. In this response, she’ll often list some tests that may be worth considering and provides a general cost estimate. This helps ensure Deidre doesn’t waste her or her client’s time if costs are prohibitive. “I try to give them a strategic roadmap of the work we’ll do together and emphasize how targeted and personalized it will be through the use of testing to identify and address the root cause. This makes it easier to charge for the true value of the work,” says Deidre.  

Step 3: Have them book a call via Calendly or some other scheduling software

In each response that Deidre sends to an inquiry, she shares a link to Calendly which removes the added back and forth of scheduling meetings with prospects. Oftentimes, prospective clients want to be able to “get on the calendar” right away, so offering them a link where they can pick and choose a time to meet with you and get it booked right away not only saves you time but will likely encourage more people to take action.

Step 4: Use the sales call to share insights and a strategic roadmap with your clients 

While testing is needed to truly identify and address the root cause of your client’s health issues, requiring a detailed inquiry form will often provide you with a number of helpful hints as to what direction to take. Deidre often starts conversations with prospects by talking a bit about the foundations of health and what types of things put stress on the body. She’ll also explain different types of testing, including recommendations for what type of testing she thinks the client would benefit from based on their symptom presentation. The goal is to use the call to give the client valuable information and insight, as well as a roadmap for how you’ll partner with them resolve their health concerns (rather than using the call to collect basic information you can collect on the inquiry form). 

Not only does this approach to sales calls save Deidre and her team lots of time, but it allows them to start providing value from day 1. By getting more information upfront, Deidre’s able to tailor her discussion and approach to the individual – and, without any added effort. 

“My advice to practitioners is to simply start. Just because growth isn’t happening fast doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. I tried a ton of different things before I found what works. Experiment and find what makes the most sense for you,” says Deidre. 

If you’re ready to transform your practice like Deidre, be sure to check out our Level 1 class – Mastering the Art & Science of Gastrointestinal Healing. In less than 12 weeks, you’ll gain the skills and confidence you need to get your clients life-changing results. 


Deidre Bloomquist is a Restorative Wellness Practitioner, Level 1 Restorative Wellness Solutions Instructor, and founder of Always Growing, a private practice dedicated to helping women optimize their health through each phase of life. You can find Deidre on Instagram @alwaysgrowing_nutrition.

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Struggling to keep your clients engaged? Get free access to our favorite strategies to improve client compliance and get better results.