How One Practitioner Tripled Her Revenue with RWS’ Gastrointestinal Healing Course

Margaret Floyd Barry

March 2, 2023

Alumni Spotlight with Brooke Rozmenoski

As a fitness and nutrition professional with over 15 years experience, Brooke Rozmenoski is a veteran of the health and wellness industry. But, it wasn’t until recently – after completing RWS’ foundational course, Mastering the Art & Science of Gastrointestinal Healing in the fall of 2022 – did things really take off: “I already had a 6-figure business. Once I enrolled in RWS’ Gastrointestinal Healing course and added testing to my offerings, my revenue tripled,” says Brooke.

Not only did her business start bringing in more money, but Brooke’s new RWS credentials set her apart from other practitioners. Brooke shares, “The fact that I was offering testing was a key selling point for clients – they saw it as ‘They’re going to be doing testing and making specific recommendations for me’, which made them so much more willing to invest in their health”. 


Like many practitioners, Brooke’s journey to functional nutrition stemmed from her own health issues. She worked for years as a personal trainer for an established fitness company – one that took a holistic approach to health, including some functional testing. She was aware of a more holistic approach to health, but never felt she needed this level of support – that is, until she experienced a number of challenging life events. 

“Halfway through my career, my dad passed away from cancer. I began to notice how the stress was affecting me and it did a number on my body. After I had my first child, I didn’t feel like myself. I realized how little support there was out there for women,” shared Brooke. She started working with functional physicians – getting some testing done and uncovering some answers, but she wasn’t really getting results. She adds, “The rebel in me said this wasn’t ok. I wanted to learn what the root cause was for how I was feeling.” 

Brooke started by completing her Precision Nutrition certification, which offered her a strong habit-based approach to nutrition. She found this was great for working with clients on basic nutrition changes, but she didn’t have the tools to help clients who were suffering from more complex health issues – “I knew something was wrong with someone, but I wasn’t able to give them an answer. I was shooting in the dark and had to refer a lot of clients out.”  

Eventually, Brooke knew she needed to expand her clinical skills. She considered becoming a naturopath, but when she was introduced to Restorative Wellness Solutions she knew the program’s evidence-based, root cause approach and practical application was what she needed. “RWS helped me learn how to identify what was going on with my clients, understand why it was important, and what steps to take to address it.” 

Not only that, but it helped Brooke finally get the answers she was searching for to support her own health: “I thought I felt ‘OK’ heading into RWS because I had done so much work on my health. But, now I realize I actually didn’t feel OK. Having completed the RWS program, I actually have regular, normal digestion for the first time.”


In addition to Brooke’s personal health transformation, she’s experienced considerable business growth since completing Mastering the Art & Science of Gastrointestinal Healing

Incorporating testing into her business model has allowed her to provide more holistic (and more effective) support to her clientele. “We help our clients optimize their wellbeing – through virtual exercise programs, nutrition support, and lifestyle support. Because of this, we’re able to provide a more comprehensive experience at a much more affordable price. Our packages range anywhere from $3,000 – $8,000, depending on the scope of services, which is much cheaper than engaging a functional practitioner, personal trainer, and life coach separately,” says Brooke. And, her clients are loving this one-stop-shop support – “Our business tripled since bringing testing in this fall, growing from $100K in revenue to $300K.” 

Programming starts at a minimum of six months and is “all-access”, supporting clients through personalized testing, nutrition support, and exercise programming. Clients get weekly check-ins to monitor biofeedback while completing their protocol and are able to participate in three community calls a month – one that is nutrition-based, one that is gut and hormone-based, and one that Brooke calls the “family meeting” which focuses on mindset and lifestyle.

To support her growing practice, Brooke now has a team of three – including a business manager and two fellow practitioners – to help support the businesses’ mission of empowering clients to tune in to how their body feels and operates, knowing what feels good and what doesn’t, and being able to navigate that through the different stages of life. “Our goal is that once you’re done working with us, you don’t need another practitioner,” Brooke adds. 


We asked Brooke what she felt was most critical to her business success and she was kind enough to share her top tips for expanding her practice. Check out Brooke’s advice for practitioners looking to grow their business below:

  1. Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know”: Brooke says it’s OK, (and important, actually), to say “I don’t know”. It’s in the best interest of your clients to be honest and to build their trust. And, you can use this as feedback for areas where you can continue to grow your skillset and develop your capabilities. 
  2. Meet your clients where they are: “Take it in layers,” says Brooke, adding “A GI-MAP may say ‘this’ and a food sensitivities test may say ‘that’, but if your client has never eaten a vegetable before you’re going to need to start there – break it down and take it in baby steps”.
  3. Invest in continuing education: “I think anyone in the health space should always be continuing their education as it’s always evolving,” says Brooke. And, she recommends RWS for a few key reasons, adding “RWS does a great job of helping you stay on top of how things are changing and evolving – even as an alum. RWS does a great job of making sure we don’t oversupplement our clients. And, I can say with confidence that RWS is serious about who carries the credentials of RWP – their standards for passing/not passing are impressive and I really respect that.” 
  4. When something feels too much, listen: Brooke says that she’s had to establish a lot of boundaries and acknowledge her own capacity as a business owner. Anytime something feels overwhelming, she takes the time to assess what is/isn’t working. This is what spurred her to hire a team, including her business manager. Today, she only takes on a quarter of the clients her other practitioners take on as she focuses on business development and setting the future vision for her practice.

“I’m most proud of the fact that I haven’t let fear stop me from what I want to do,” says Brooke, noting that although running a practice can be scary and involves a lot of growth and evolution, that it has also been absolutely worth every minute.

If you’re ready to get results like Brooke, be sure to apply for Mastering the Art & Science of Gastrointestinal Healing. In less than 12 weeks, you’ll gain the skills and confidence you need to get your clients life-changing results. 


Brooke Rozmenoski is a Restorative Wellness Practitioner, Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, podcast host, and founder of Brooke Rozzie Coaching. You can connect with Brooke on Instagram at @brookerozzie.

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Struggling to keep your clients engaged? Get free access to our favorite strategies to improve client compliance and get better results.