Katrina’s Cancer Journey

Anne Fischer Silva

December 7, 2021

I’m excited to share the story of an RWS graduate who has successfully overcome breast cancer and now has a booming practice working with cancer clients and infertility couples. Please meet Katrina Foe, an RWS instructor and Level 4 graduate. 


If you told me 7 years ago where I would be professionally today, I would have laughed at you.  You see, in 2015, I discovered that I had breast cancer.  

Before that, the only health issues we’d had were some tooth decay with our oldest daughter. We experienced profound healing with the GAPS diet, using food as medicine. The whole process really opened my eyes to the rampant issues with our current food and environment. We even moved to a rural area in Idaho where we could raise our own meat cows, meat chickens, and egg layers in an effort to have more control over the quality of our personal food supply.  When I discovered the cancer, I knew I wanted to approach it holistically. 

I found a functionally-minded chiropractor, Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (Dr. V), who’d successfully navigated her own breast cancer journey. We began with a number of tests – stool, hormones, bloodwork, genetics and more. I had actually never done any testing (not even basic blood work!) and it was all a bit overwhelming. At the time, I believed you could heal entirely with food and had been actively working on my health from that paradigm exclusively.

I was shocked when my vitamin D level came back at 20 ng/ml (optimal is between 50-90 ng/ml) because I had been taking fermented cod liver oil daily for years. I upped the ante and consumed 3 syringes of fermented cod liver oil every day for three months and my levels didn’t budge a single point.  My genetic test showed that I have genetic issues absorbing vitamin D, which I never would have known had I not tested. After trying 5 different high-quality vitamin D formulas, I finally found one that worked. When I retested, my vitamin D was 125 ng/ml. Although it was slightly elevated, I was ecstatic!

We also discovered a number of additional health concerns: I was hypothyroid and had low iodine levels, I had dysbiosis, iron anemia, estrogen dominance, poor methylation, and a host of other issues. Dr V and I addressed every imbalance to allow my body to optimize the healing it required. 

Another test that we did was the “Greece”, which is the RGCC Onconomics Extracts test. It’s an amazing test that I wish more people knew about. One’s blood samples are shipped to Greece and the lab extracts and cultures circulating tumor cells, then tests them against various natural substances and chemotherapies (which I knew I didn’t want to use) known to be effective against cancer. I simply don’t understand why we don’t utilize this technology here in the U.S.

Fighting cancer is scary, especially when taking the natural route. There is almost always a mind game one plays: “Did I do enough?” and “Did I get it all?” These questions can haunt you.  Having done the Greece test, I really felt that I could rest assured, knowing I was fighting the cancer with agents that had specifically tested effective for me. In terms of “getting it all”, the Greece lab works at a cellular level utilizing a methodology that isn’t guesswork – it’s science. 

In my research prior to doing the test, I had been drawn to apricot seeds (B17/laetrile) as an anti-cancer agent and was eating copious amounts of them. However, on my Greece test, I discovered they were ineffective against my specific cancer and it was actually wormwood that would be the most effective substance. This was wonderful because it meant I could stop eating those awful tasting apricot seeds! Armed with this knowledge, I then proceeded with my protocol, layering in high-dose pancreatic/proteolytic enzymes to allow the wormwood and other supports that tested well to get to the cancer effectively and to assist with the breakdown and clean-up of the tumor. 

I also did daily coffee enemas to stimulate the parasympathetic system, support glutathione production, keep the elimination pathways open, and enhance detoxification. Additionally, I incorporated daily infrared saunas and other detox practices.  In less than a year, the golf-ball-sized tumor in my breast was completely gone!

My whole story is a bit more complicated so if you’d like to hear the whole thing, click https://reversinginfertility.com/katrina-foe/  

At that point, I wanted to better understand how the body works so I could continue my healing journey and uncover why I’d gotten cancer in the first place. I chose to go through the NTA program, where I realized that I enjoyed working with my “practice clients” and helping them improve their health. I had been doing my own follow up-testing on myself but I didn’t really know what I was doing. So, when I heard about RWS, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do!  I jumped in immediately after graduating from NTA and, fast forward to today, have gone through all four levels of education and I’m now an instructor for RWS. 

What started as a desire to learn about my own healing and prevention turned into a passion to help others. I have 7 children and have always been interested in healthy pregnancies/birth/lactation. I am also a Pilates teacher trainer and I teach internationally at Pilates conferences on different aspects of pregnancy, Diastasis Recti, and pelvic floor health so it was a natural fit for me to find my niche with infertility. I have just launched my online course, ReversingInfertility.com, and will soon be expanding to hire other RWS Level 4 graduates to work with me. I love having all the tools RWS teaches to be able to identify blocking factors so that wonderful couples can conceive and birth the babies they are so desperate for!

Because of my personal history, I am constantly being referred cancer clients that are interested in a holistic approach. It is a huge privilege to be able to share this work and help them reverse their cancers as well. I would never be able to do any of this without the powerful RWS approach that provides insight into what each client’s body needs and how to best support them. To be clear, I don’t “treat” cancer. Instead, I support the body in its entirety so that it can address the cancer appropriately and effectively. Our bodies are designed to fight cancers, which all of us have. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the question is: why isn't the body able to do its job? Interestingly, this is quite similar to figuring out what is blocking fertility and the RWS tools are exactly what I use for both. Digging into the detective work of what the body needs is what I love the most!

Earlier this year, Dr. V referred a client of hers to me who had recovered from cancer and was now wanting to get pregnant. This client, who is in her late thirties, was afraid that her hormones could become out of balance again during pregnancy and her cancer might come back.  Since time was of the essence for her, we began with stool testing, bloodwork, and hormone testing at the same time and addressed all of her imbalances.  I reconnected with Dr. V recently and was able to share that this former breast cancer client was in the second trimester of her pregnancy and doing great. 

Thank you, Anne and Margaret, for giving me the tools to help others the way that I was helped! 

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Struggling to keep your clients engaged? Get free access to our favorite strategies to improve client compliance and get better results.