Why This Master RWP Still Starts With The Gut

Margaret Floyd Barry

August 2, 2022

Alumni Spotlight with Jen Dreisch, Master RWP & Certified Massage Therapist

Master Restorative Wellness Practitioner Jen Dreisch has worked in the health and wellness space for a number of years. With certifications and degrees from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Bauman College, the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, and, of course, her Master Restorative Wellness Practitioner designation from RWS, she’s seen and learned a lot. She’s amassed a number of advanced tools to help even the sickest of clients heal. Yet, she always starts her work with clients in the same place:

>> Healing the gut <<

“Gut health is absolutely life-changing”, says Jen. “I’ve worked with a lot of diverse clients who suffer from a range of health issues, and it always comes back to healing their gut.” 

Jen was lucky enough to learn early on about how the food she ate impacted how she felt. While training for her first marathon, she was feeling really fatigued after every training run. Jen sought out support with fueling from a functional nutritionist and ended up learning she was suffering from candida. She went on a few cleanses and adjusted her eating. A few months later, she finished her first marathon and felt amazing – “I felt great and I couldn’t understand why everyone had always complained about marathons. I was like ‘this isn’t so bad’”. 

Fast forward 6 months later and Jen toed the line with a friend to run the Chicago Marathon. This time, she didn’t feel so great – “I totally hit a wall. And, the next day I couldn’t move a muscle. It was then that I realized the only difference leading up to this marathon was my diet – I wasn’t eating as clean leading up to this race. And, it was from this point forward that I realized nutrition was the pathway to true health.”

Jen set out to learn more and completed a number of training programs to equip herself with the skills she needed to help her clients heal on a deeper level. But, it wasn’t until she completed RWS’ Level 1 Course – Mastering the Art & Science of Gastrointestinal Healing that she found the clinical skills she was missing. But, it wasn’t just skills she could apply to help her clients. It was the skills she needed to heal herself. 

Having struggled with chronic acid reflux for years, Jen had seen doctor after doctor and taken test after test in an effort to find relief. But, nothing had worked and she was beginning to lose hope. Restorative Wellness Solutions gave her the understanding and tools no one else could and allowed her to finally identify and heal the root cause of her acid reflux.

“I had been dealing with this for close to four years and was getting down on myself – ‘why isn’t my body good enough?’, ‘why doesn’t anyone else have this?’ It wasn’t until I went through RWS that I finally had the tools to test and address imbalances within my own gut that I didn’t know existed. And, I’ve been free from my acid reflux for two years now!” 

Working on healing her gut health has also supported her mental health, too. “I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks – it wasn’t until I started to do the deep gut healing work that these issues finally calmed down. It was fascinating to me how healing my gut improved symptoms I was dealing with in other areas of the body.”

Jen uses her own experiences to guide her work with clients. “I’ve learned that you don’t need to settle. You can get to the root cause of your health issue and truly heal, and that is what I seek to do with each of my clients. By focusing on gut health first – the body’s first healing priority – we’re better able to address the root cause of their symptoms. And, gut health plays into every other area, including hormonal health, autoimmune conditions, etc.”

Looking ahead, Jen plans to continue her specialization in working with clients to optimize gut health. She also continues to offer massage therapy services, which she finds are a perfect complement to her work as an RWP. “You can find out so much by working on someone – how hydrated they are, how inflamed their tissues are. So much of what I do with my massage therapy clients feeds into my work as a nutritionist and I’m currently working on building out a package for clients that allows them to maximize the benefits of both services”, says Jen. 

When asked what she would tell someone considering starting their journey with RWS, Jen says “What are you waiting for? Everything starts with the gut. You’ll learn so much in three months and the investment is absolutely worth it.” Not only did she feel the material covered was extremely helpful, but she loves getting ongoing support from the RWS community, “I’ve had some clients that were extremely complex and having the RWS online forum and access to mentors has been immensely valuable.” 

If you’re interested in being able to work with the same tools that Jen uses everyday to successfully guide her clients back to health, be sure to apply for our Level 1 class – Mastering the Art & Science of Gastrointestinal Healing. In less than 12 weeks, you’ll gain the clinical skills and confidence to start getting you and your clients outstanding results. And, when you enroll by August 12, 2022, you’ll enjoy over $150 off registration and earn over $2,500 in bonuses. 


Jen Dreisch is a Master Restorative Wellness Practitioner and founder of Jewel Wellness, a holistic wellness experience in Maui offering nutrition, massage, and yoga services. You can find Jen on Instagram @jewelwellnessmaui.  

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Struggling to keep your clients engaged? Get free access to our favorite strategies to improve client compliance and get better results.