Restorative Wellness Practitioner Spotlight: Nida Ghazanfar, NTP, RWP

Margaret Floyd Barry

August 17, 2021

This week, we’re delighted to introduce you to one of our graduates and diversity scholarship winners, Nida Ghazanfar, NTP, RWP. 

After obtaining her Bachelors in Commerce from the DA Degree College in Pakistan, Nida followed her passion for health and wellness and studied at the Nutritional Therapy Association. She has been in practice for nearly three years, helping clients all over the world with complex digestive issues and hormonal struggles. As her practice took off, she developed a deep interest in gut health and hormones, and enrolled with Restorative Wellness Solutions to learn more about objective testing. As a recent Level 1 graduate, she is already seeing far reaching results in her clients’ health. Her practice, Apple Flavoured Oranges, specializes in PCOS, diabetes, and digestive dysfunction.

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How are you using the skills you learned through RWS?

Supporting clients with their digestive issues like IBS, constipation, acid reflux and food sensitivities. Addressing autoimmune diseases.

What's your superpower when it comes to working with clients?

My super power would be the ability to relate with my TTC (trying to conceive) community. As someone who has had struggles with fertility, I know all too well what it's like to have multiple miscarriages and constantly see a negative pregnancy test time and time again. Empathy is my superpower!

What's one fun thing most people don't know about you?

I love doing different Escape Rooms and playing board games!

How do you spend your time when not seeing clients?

When not seeing clients I am spending time with my boys (1 year old and 5 year old) and my husband. I enjoy baking with the kids and spending time in nature. For ‘me time' I read nutrition related books and ride my bike!

Can you share a success story from your practice?

I recently had a client with severe seasonal allergies, an elevated inflammation marker C-Reactive Protein (even from a conventional standpoint), IBS-diarrhea and amenorrhea. She was a busy mom of young kids who was also looking to lose weight and coming off the pill.

In 4 months of working together her inflammation marker came down to near zero! Her cycle has returned and regulated (now it’s every 32 days). Her seasonal allergies are GONE! She used to wake up with a stuffy nose and runny eyes everyday during the spring and summer time.

Her diarrhea subsided and she started having a good understanding of how the food she eats affects her digestion, bowel movements and mood. She was able to get off the sugar roller coaster and manage stress more effectively.

What did it mean to you to win the April 2021 diversity scholarship?

I felt honored to be selected for the Diversity Scholarship. It went on to become a major deciding factor for whether I truly wanted to invest in the program, since at the time I had a 7 month baby mostly dependent on me for his nutritional needs. As a mom of two, working part-time, winning the scholarship gave me the nudge to go for it and I am SO GLAD that I did. The program was absolutely amazing and it became something I looked forward to, in between diaper changes and feeding sessions.  I am also thankful to the RWS team for helping me present Functional Nutrition to my Pakistani Community and initiating a scholarship program that values inclusivity! I hope that with the RWS training I can further my practice and career. 

Where do you want to go from here, in your practice and your studies? What area of nutrition are you eager to dive into next?

I want to go full time with my online practice by the middle of next year (2022) if my older boy is able to continue school full time. In the future, I would love to make Hormones my niche! Since I work with a lot of women with varying degrees of hormonal issues, I would love to dive into the next course; Mastering the Art and Science of Hormones offered by RWS. Nutrigenomics is another field that really piques my interest.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In the next 5 years I see myself having a thriving online practice, taking clients from all over the world. I would also love to create a course on Functional Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals, especially keeping Pakistani Healthcare Professionals in mind.

Inspired by Nida’s journey to pursue gut health? Click here to learn more about Mastering the Art and Science of Gastrointestinal Healing.

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Struggling to keep your clients engaged? Get free access to our favorite strategies to improve client compliance and get better results.